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In need of a class a recreational vehicle less than 10 years old.

If there is anyone who would donate this to us it would be a prayer answered. My husband and I are retired. He retired from the Air Force. And I can't work because of a disability. We rent and it is on the high end. Also Mike has been diagnosed with dementia. This would give us a vehicle to...

I am in desperate need of a car

Hi,yesterday 12/17/16 my vehicle was stolen & I am in need of a vehicle bad. My children and I would really appreciate it if a car can be donated thank you.

My mother has MS and is very much in need of a wheelchair accessible van with a lift.

She is basically housebound because there is no extra money for being able to pay the exorbitant rates for transportation. It's very sad the rates that these companies charge those who are unable to go anywhere without accessible van services. We desire to use the van to also help others wit...