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Kitchen sink:

Waterlines open, very low pressure, leak under sink but unable to find exact source. handles going both directions. Is cause possibly in fixture even though new?

Son in need of Car

My son needs a car desperately. He is paying for rides. He was diagnosed with Aids last year. He has a job as a DJ but lacks transportation. Ty and God Bless.

840 ford escape or other donated vehicles i would like to see where do i go to see these?

840 for a ford escape..would like to see it or any other vehicles that are donated

What is the best way to give my daughter money without having to pay a lot in taxes?

My adult daughter needs financial help in the tune of $10,000 for legal expenses. I want to help her but I need to draw the funds from my Annuity 403b. IF I do this how much will I have to pay in taxes?