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My mother has MS and is very much in need of a wheelchair accessible van with a lift.

She is basically housebound because there is no extra money for being able to pay the exorbitant rates for transportation. It's very sad the rates that these companies charge those who are unable to go anywhere without accessible van services. We desire to use the van to also help others wit...

What is the best way to give my daughter money without having to pay a lot in taxes?

My adult daughter needs financial help in the tune of $10,000 for legal expenses. I want to help her but I need to draw the funds from my Annuity 403b. IF I do this how much will I have to pay in taxes?

Reverse mortgage info

Does it matter what the value of home is?

which pre-settlement loan company is got the best or cheapest rates in Missouri/

Fair Rate Funding? pre-settlement loans best rates, trusted company PLEASE HELP!!!!

can ice arrest you and take you in custody based on an old case?

my father was arrested and he was suppose to get deported but he didn't and they had him on probation. and now they arrested him today and said the arrest is based on that case. his released date since that case is about 10 months ago.